Dennis J Schleicher Jr.


User Experience & Information Architecture


With a background in business and industrial anthropology I design interactive products to support the way people communicate and interact in their everyday and working lives.

Inventing New Methodologies

I am very good at inventing new methodologies and processes.  Powerful, easy, insightful and able to be used by all.

Seeing New

I like new ways of seeing things (perspectives).

Designing Experiences

I like designing and building new experiences that serve both the users and business owners.

Showing Others How to See New

I like showing other people how to see things in new perspectives.  I like to see things in these new ways and then figure out how to explain that so that other people also see in the new way.

Developing People

I like to help people grow and stretch, to safely take them beyond their comfort zone to experience something new.

Changing Cultures

I like to build cultures (or change ones.) Using the intersection of people, technology, and institutions to make structural changes that move cultures in certain directions.


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